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Empowering the new generation of female angel investors

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Women make up 14% of all angel investors and we’re on a mission to change that.

We are on a mission to democratise access to this lucrative asset class and in turn create positive ripples through the eco-system for founders.  This course is designed for senior executives, scale-up employees, entrepreneurs and any women interested in investing in start-ups 

Courses & Intro Sessions

Attend live or virtual courses on Angel Investment

Online community

Join a growing online community of female angel investors post-course

Community events

Connect with active angel investors and founders at live community events

Tools & Resources

Access to additional online tools and resources on angel investment

Programme Offering

  • Learn about an interesting asset-class with high potential returns 
  • Build a network of female executives in the industry 
  • Opportunity to gain advisory and board experience through investing and working with start-ups 
  • Access to innovative best practices and learning from the ecosystem 
  • Opportunity to apply expertise back into existing day jobs 
  • Opportunity to make an impact as women are 2x more likely to invest in other women.
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“70% of women are more likely to be asked about their weight or relationship status than their investments.”


The Fold, Start with One Campaign

The Mission

  • There has been a Gender Investment gap in this lucrative asset class for too long 
  • Even today, women only make up 14% of all angel investors  
  • There are numerous benefits of angel investing beyond returns 
  • Female founders currently get 2% of the total venture funding available  
  • Women are 2x more likely to invest in other women 
  • Endless benefits of investing including high potential returns 

It’s time to democratise access and make angel investing more accessible  

About ĀVA Creators

Arāya Ventures

Arāya Ventures invests in exceptional people transforming how we live and work, are closing the gaps and addressing underserved needs in bold, unconventional and creative ways.

Read more about Founder & Managing Partner Rupa Ganatra Popat here in Forbes and in the UK BAA’s latest The Impact of Female Angels on the UK economy landscape report. 

Investor Resources

A collection of articles and resources for investors.

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While aspiring angels should not hesitate to bring a fresh perspective to the market, they might also find it useful to engage with more experienced angels and learn from some of their early mistakes.

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Three Ways Angel Investors value Pre-Revenue Startups

Fundamentally, valuing a startup is very different than valuing an established company. Quantitative analysis and financial projections won’t always predict the future success of the early stage startup. So what can?

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How to invest in startups as a first time investor?

For those considering taking the step into startup investing, understanding the methods and techniques for mitigating risk and maximising potential returns is crucial.

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Providing knowledge, education, and a powerful community for women

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Providing knowledge, education and a powerful community for women. If you would like to join the waiting list for the next available angel investment courses, please register here.