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Investor Resources

A collection of articles and resources for investors.

Angel Investing: What Experienced Investors Wish They Knew When They Started

While aspiring angels should not hesitate to bring a fresh perspective to the market, they might also find it useful to engage with more experienced angels and learn from some of their early mistakes.

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Three Ways Angel Investors value Pre-Revenue Startups

Fundamentally, valuing a startup is very different than valuing an established company. Quantitative analysis and financial projections won’t always predict the future success of the early stage startup. So what can?

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How to invest in startups as a first time investor?

For those considering taking the step into startup investing, understanding the methods and techniques for mitigating risk and maximising potential returns is crucial.

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4 Tips for Getting Into Angel Investing

As with most things, angel investing requires some preparation. Here are four tips to make sure you do it wisely.

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